Fort’s First Kidding

Today is day 148 for Fortuna (bred to Hocus), and her ligaments were definitely gone during morning check. She was acting pretty normally, so I let her stay with the herd for a little longer. I went in for breakfast, wrote Terra’s blog post and built some legos with Charlie. By the time I checked on her again, Fort was laying down uncomfortably in her shelter. I needed to make space in my kidding area, so Andi and her kid got moved into the barn. I quickly cleaned out the stall and added new bedding, then moved Fort inside. I knocked out a few chores, and in no time, she was pushing! We were expecting twins, but Fort and her udder still looked pretty small, so I mentally prepared for a singleton. After a few pushes, I was able to feel 2 tiny hooves and a nose. Fort quickly delivered a tiny gorgeous, spotted boy. I bumped her belly and definitely felt hard baby parts. Shortly thereafter, Fort delivered baby #2 – this time a solid brown girl with frosted ears. She wasn’t much heavier, but her torso was a lot longer. Fort’s boy is 3lbs, and her girl is 3lbs, 4 oz. Both are nursing well. The girl will stay on here, but the little boy is up for grabs.

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