Wicca’s First Kidding

With 2 does due this week, I figured at least one of them would be born during the epic snow storm that was predicted for the weekend, and I was right. On the morning of Wicca’s 149th day after breeding with Atlas, I noticed that her ligaments were loosening and her udder was a little firmer. The weather was cold and misty, but our storm hadn’t started yet. Wicca was acting normally and chowing down with her herd. I put her on 2 hour checks, and by 10am, the snow had started and her ligaments were gone. By 1 pm, she and the others were taking shelter in their polydome but Wicca’s condition was no different. At 3 pm, she was straining to push, so we went into the kidding stall and within about 45 minutes, she had a single doeling. It was a pretty easy delivery with a perfect presentation. Within minutes, the baby had nursed and Wicca was doing all the right motherly things. This girl weighs 5lbs, 12oz and is brown with many gray moonspots. She is reserved.

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