SonFlower Ranch’s Fancy

***Our herd is G6S Normal and disease tested annually***



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SonFlower Ranch’s Fancy (F6, 51.17%/48.83%)

MDGA Purebred

Sire: Echo Hill’s Eric (Echo Hill’s Jonah x Echo Hill’s Easter Returns)

Dam: SonFlower Ranch’s Edie (Blue Oak’s Silversmith x SonFlower Ranch’s Donna)

Born 05/21/12, 25″*, medium build. Fancy is a handsome, mature doe with incredible depth, width and an outstanding brisket. She was an unplanned addition to Size Matters, but I am so glad to have her here. She is a deep chestnut color with white splashes and frosted ears. She has blue eyes! She is Dena’s paternal half-sister and has many of the same qualities. She also has a kidding history full of triplets! She has great udder capacity but her teats are a little small. I will evaluate attachments with her next freshening. While her Roman nose is broad and correct, we will need to breed to correct ears, so her next breeding will be to Supernova. He should add ear and teat length to her kids. I had the opportunity to see one of her daughters by Green Gables Mojo, and this daughter possessed all the good qualities of both parents. I am excited to see her kids in the spring!

Kidding History: 

First and second kidding: twins or triplets

2017: triplets

2018: triplets


* This height is unofficial. All heights are taken with a miniature horse measuring stick as recommended by MDGA. All heights are my best effort as my goats seem to think the aforementioned measuring stick is a tool of the devil.

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