Thunder Ridge Farm Baachus

Our herd is disease-tested annually and G6S normal


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Thunder Ridge Farm Baachus, PB Nigerian Dwarf

ADGA, AGS, MDGA Purebred Nigerian Dwarf

Sire: Kannah Creek Galeno (SS: Rosasharn UMT Monarch *S, SD: Kannah Creek FWM Rosa)

Dam: Thunder Ridge Farm Penelope (DS:Rock Ridge Farm Wheat Berry, DD: Thunder Ridge Farm Miss Daisy)

Born 01/06/15, Baachus is a near-perfect buck with lovely conformation and temperament. His only flaw is being a mere 3/4″ over-height, but, as Mini breeders, we use that to our advantage. His Linear Appraisal score was 88, VEE. (out of a possible 89*). His height kept him from earning EEE. Baachus has many beautiful ND kids on the ground, and a few Mini Nubians, too

Unfortunately, Baachus’s breeder was unable to get pictures of his dam’s udder before retiring her. However, she describes Penelope’s udder as being “large and round, with easy to milk teats”. She also said that she milked out more than average. More information on Baachus’s parents (Galeno and Penelope) can be found at Thunder Ridge Farm.

*Over-height bucks have a maximum Linear Appraisal score of 89

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