SunQuest BCC Ajax

Ajax, Courtesy of Naked Bear Ranch

PB Nigerian Dwarf


Sire: Camanna OMF Blue Camo Collage (Old Mountain Farm Frankincense VEV89 x Camanna PC Cleopatra in Blue VVVE88)

Dam: SG Old Mountain Farm Nyx VVVV86  (Old Mountain Farm Nux Moschatwa x 3*M AR SG NC Promisedland Nemesis 3*D AR2383 VEEE90)

To be clear, Ajax is NOT here at Size Matters. He belongs to Naked Bear Ranch Nigerians and we are VERY excited to be working his genetics into our bloodline. His 2018 LA was 87 VEV, and the ladies behind him are stellar! He will be breeding Girlfriend in October for March kids.

                                Ajax’s twin sister                     Ajax’s Daughter


Pics courtesy of Naked Bear Nigerians and SunQuest Dairy Goats

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