SonFlower Ranch’s Helen


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****Our Herd is disease tested annually and G6S Normal****

SonFlower Ranch’s Helen (F8, 51.73% Nubian/48.27% Nigerian)

MDGA Purebred

TMGR Purebred

Dam: SonFlower Ranch’s Gracie (SonFlower Ranch’s Fabio x SonFlower Ranch’s Farryn)

Sire: SonFlower Ranch’s Gavin (SonFlower Ranch’s Frank x SonFlower Ranch’s Fair Lady)

Born 4-15-19, official height 22″ at 12 months; long and dairy. Helen was named for the face that launched a thousand ships. Her extensive white overlay, blue eyes, pink nose and loooong ears make for a stunning goat. Helen has come to us as part of the SonFlower Ranch herd reduction and we are happy to welcome her into our herd. Her dam has a capacious udder with large teats and nice foreudder attachments.

Dam’s Udder:


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