SizeMatter’s SFG Aine

***Our herd is disease tested annually and G6S normal***

SizeMatter’s SFG Aine (F6, % Nubian/% Nigerian)

MDGA Purebred

Sire: SonFlower Ranch’s Gorgeous George (SonFlower Ranch’s Fallon x SonFlower Ranch’s Frenzy)

DamSonFlower Ranch’s Fiona II*D*P (Soaring Heart’s Gilles x SonFlower Ranch’s Dena )

Aine (ahn-yuh) was born 3-18-2021. She will be a very small mini, taking after both her dam. She probably won’t be ready for breeding until her second fall. She is compact, correct, and the sweetest of my 2021 kids. She LOOOVES people, despite never having been on a bottle. Her sire has lovely big ears, and her dam has given her lovely huge eyes. She might have stolen a tiny beige moonspot on her topline, but the jury is still out.  She should have a good roman nose in adulthood. She should be a big milker for her size, with a nicely attached udder.

Pattern/markings: Medium brown bezoar, white on poll, small white spot on right side, frosted ears and nose.

Sire                       Dam


Dam’s Udder



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