SizeMatters MMM Selene

Selene, 2 weeks

***Our herd is disease tested annually and G6S normal***

SizeMatter’s MMM Selene (F6, 56.00% Nubian/44.00% Nigerian)

MDGA Purebred

Sire: GTO Ranch NightHawk(B-52’s Scout x GTO Ranch Jet*P)

Dam: Moonlight May-be its May-ba-leen (VCH Echo Hills Cassanova +B x Carpenter Ranch Heidi)

Born 2-28-2020, very dairy and should be a medium-sized adult. Selene has excellent breed character, dairy character and should have a well-attached, supple, high-producing udder. She is an exceptionally friendly little doe and joy to be around.

Sire                                            Dam


Dam’s udder


Sire’s dam’s udder

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