Size Matter’s SQA Rhea

***Our herd is disease tested annually and G6S normal***

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Size Matter’s SQA Rhea (F1, 50/50)

MDGA Experimental

TMGR Experimental

Sire: SunQuest BCC Ajax (Camanna OMF Blue Mountain Collage x SG Old Mountain Farm NYX VVVV86)

Dam: Bright Farms Girlfriend Status (Bright Farms Denver Bronco x Bright Farms FE GirlsNightOut)

Rhea’s Second-Freshening Udder

Rhea’s First Freshening Udder

Born 3/30/19, very small and fine boned – 21″ at 2 years. Rhea freshened last summer with a perfect delivery of twins. Her production is impressive for a 48lb first freshener. She was bred to SonFlower Ranch’s Gorgeous George for April 2021 buck/doe twins and will be on milk test this spring. Rhea’s very small size makes milk test a challenge for her, but her kids have milk goiters this year, so maybe she will surprise us! UPDATE: Rhea milked an impressive 5.9lbs on her 24hr test,  but it wasn’t quite enough to earn a star.

Kidding History: 

2021: 1 buck, 1 doe; easy kidder.

2020: 1 buck, 1 doe; easy kidder.

Rhea’s Pros and Cons


Easy personality

Easy kidder

Good milk stand manners

Very, very dairy

Tightly attached udder

Very soft udder texture and large orifice size

High milk production for her size


Teat size and placement (machine milking recommended)


Sire, Ajax  Dam, Girlfriend

Rhea’s Kids




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