Size Matter’s SQA Rhea

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Size Matter’s SQA Rhea (F1, 50/50)

MDGA Experimental

Sire: SunQuest BCC Ajax (Camanna OMF Blue Mountain Collage x SG Old Mountain Farm NYX VVVV86)

Dam: Bright Farms Girlfriend Status (Bright Farms Denver Bronco x Bright Farms FE GirlsNightOut)

Born 3/30/19, medium height predicted. We don’t know much about how this little girl will turn out, but she is sure to have a beautiful udder. Her sire comes from a long line of them, and her dam’s FF udder is already looking pretty. We look forward to working her into our herd.

Sire, Ajax  Dam, Girlfriend

Dam’s FF Udder

Udders Behind Sire


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