Size Matter’s SQA Rhea

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Size Matter’s SQA Rhea (F1, 50/50)

MDGA Experimental

TMGR Experimental

Sire: SunQuest BCC Ajax (Camanna OMF Blue Mountain Collage x SG Old Mountain Farm NYX VVVV86)

Dam: Bright Farms Girlfriend Status (Bright Farms Denver Bronco x Bright Farms FE GirlsNightOut)

Born 3/30/19, small-medium height predicted, 22.5″ at 12 months. We don’t know much about how this little girl will turn out, but she is sure to have a beautiful udder. Her sire comes from a long line of them, and her dam’s FF udder is already looking pretty. We look forward to working her into our herd.

Kidding History: 

2020: 1 buck, 1doe; easy kidder.

Sire, Ajax  Dam, Girlfriend

Dam’s FF Udder

Udders Behind Sire


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