Size Matter’s BD Flora

Size Matter’s BD Flora (F2, 53.41%/46.59%)

MDGA Experimental

Sire: Blackberry’s BH Dolcetto (Blackberry’s Houdini x Grape Creek Dolcetta)

Dam: Karmic Acres CC Tinker (Rhythmic Acres Candy Crunch x Goddard Farms Karma 5*M)

Update: Flora was killed by a tipping round bale on 4-5-2020. We are so sad that we won’t see her grow up.

Born 3/27/19, wide, medium height (predicted). This girl is our planned retention from the Tinker/Duke triplet litter. Sometimes it just works out that the prettiest one is also the best built, and this girl is showing her sire’s straight topline and her dam’s width already. She is sure to have a beautiful, well-attached and capacious udder as well. We look forward to seeing what she can add to our herd.

          Sire, Duke     Dam, Tinker


Dam’s Udder


Sire’s Dam’s Udder

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