Rae’s Majestic M’lady’s Layla

Our herd is disease-tested annually and G6S normal

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Layla’s third-freshening udder



Layla’s second-freshening udder


Rae’s Majestic M’Lady’s Layla

ADGA Purebred Nubian

Sire: Pella’s Triple C Flashes of Time (SS: GCH Kastdemur’s Time in a Bottle ++*B, SD: Pella’s Triple C LaJolla) 2017 LA 90

Dam: Rae’s Majestic M’Lady’s Deja Vu (DS: Sweet-B’s Argos Ace of Hearts, DD: Rae’s Majestic *Princess Nuala) 2018 LA 86VVVV

Born 5/18/2015, 30″*. Layla is an old-school, powerhouse Nubian with a charming curly coat. She is strong and wide, long, flat-boned and dairy. The width on this girl in unbelievable, front and rear! I had the good luck to see her sire (Flash) earn a 90 during the 2017 Linear Appraisal. Layla has a nicely attached udder with an especially good medial attachment. She runs in the middle of the herd and her easy-going disposition makes her a favorite among the newbies. Her only faults are her relatively small teats. Layla was bred to Vulcan for high percentage F1 kids in 2019. We got triplets and will be retaining a daughter. It is time for Layla to move along so we can update our foundation lines. She is an EASY goat. Easy kidder, easy keeper, easy-tempered. She’s a bit of a bulldozer when it comes to food, but how else do you expect her maintain her glorious figure? Layla has found a home just down the road; I love it when my girls stay local!.

Kidding History: 2016, Twins (buckling/doeling); 2017, Twin bucklings; 2019, 1 doeling, 2 bucklings, 2019 Two bucklings and 1 doeling.


Layla’s Dam’s Udder

(Courtesy of CNJM Nubian Dairy Goats


Layla’s 2019 Triplets

* This height is unofficial. All heights are taken with a miniature horse measuring stick as recommended by MDGA. All heights are my best effort as my goats seem to think the aforementioned measuring stick is a tool of the devil.

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