Karmic Acres CC Tinker

Our herd is disease-tested annually and G6S normal

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Tinker’s third-freshening udder:

Tinker’s second-freshening udder

Karmic Acres CC Tinker (F1, 50%/50%)

MDGA Experimental

TMGR Experimental

Sire: Rhythmic Acres Candy Crunch (SS: NC Promisedland RC Beaudacious *B, SD: Igoatastop Snickerdoodle)

Dam: Goddard Farm’s Karma 5*M (DS: Foremost Flashes Sparky *B, DD: Goddard Farm Raspberry 4*M)

Born 02/06/15. Tall and broad stature, official height 27.5″ at 3 years. I saw this lovely F1 for sale as a yearling online and watched her price drop and drop as she competed with the new babies born that summer. I could not get over her great looks, big, 3/4 drop ears (rare in an F1) and MILKY  pedigree. I finally bit the bullet and bought her – thank goodness my buddy Noriko Proett over at Opus 7 Farm was able to help bring her home (in a minivan).  Tinker had a flashy buckling for her previous owner but had never been milked. Her breeding to Ruger last year produced a large singleton buckling. I planned retained him to work some of Tinker’s great qualities into my lower generation, but he got way too big. He has been sold locally, so I may try to use him with some standard size Nubians in the future.  This year, Tinker gave us stunning triplets by Duke and grew a  fantastic udder. Her daughter, Flora is being retained for our herd. Tinker is a big, beautiful, strong and friendly doe. Her work here is done, so please let me know if you are interested in her. Her DHIA test was cut short this year, but she consistently outproduced my *P milkers. She was bred to Nighthawk on 11/20/19, and was rehomed locally.

Kidding History: 2016: buckling, 2018: Easy kidder, buckling; 2019: Easy delivery, 2 doelings, 1 buckling.


Praise for Tinker in the 2018 Caprine Conformation Clinic:

A lovely F1 2nd freshening Mini Nubian. Nice general appearance, with front lets set directly under her sharp shoulders. Nice length of rump ….Good depth of body….

-Ken Feaster-Eytchison

Tinker’s Dam, Karma             Tinker’s Sire, Candy Crunch


Tinker’s 2019 Triplets

Tinker’s 2018 buckling, Ajax



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