Clearance Barn

***Our herd is disease tested annually and G6S normal***

The following kids are available after weaning. If you are interested, please check out our sales policy.

SizeMatter’s BHP M7

F2 Mini Nubian buckling

Blackberry’s RBI Hocus Pocus x Size Matter’s SQA Rhea

A beautiful, uniquely-colored buckling with a great pedigree and new blood. He will keep size down in your herd without sacrificing breed character. $300 intact, $125 wethered.

SizeMatter’s GNH M9

F6 Mini Nubian buckling

Blackberry’s BH Dulce de Leche x GTO Ranch Nighthawk

Moonspots galore and a sweet temperament. His dam’s udder is very soft and easy to milk with large orifices. This boy should be small/medium sized and very correct. $350 intact, $125 wethered.

SizeMatter’s GNH M10

F6 Mini Nubian Doeling

Blackberry’s BH Dulce de Leche x GTO Ranch Nighthawk

If you like Duchess, I have a carbon copy right here! She should be a petite adult with wild moonspots and a soft, nicely attached udder. $450.

SizeMatter’s GNH M11

F4 Mini Nubian buckling

Blackberry’s Jackie x GTO Ranch Nighthawk

Breed character for days with a stunning blue-eyed / black coat combination. He is long and angular but won’t get too tall. His dam has a very soft udder and is easy to milk. $350 intact, $125 wethered.



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