***Our herd is disease-tested annually and G6S normal***

We currently have 6 bucks in house at Size Matters, and they each bring something special to the table.  Please click on the blue hyperlink to see the individual pages

SonFlower Ranch’s Gorgeous George

F7 Mini Nubian Buck

Breed character, length, dairyness, heavy milkers through maternal line

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 13.58.28
Courtesy of Genoa Meadows

GTO Ranch Nighthawk

F6 Mini Nubian Buck

Blue eyes, moonspots, small size, tight udder attachments

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 17.10.10
Nighthawk, 1 year

Blackberry’s RBI Hocus Pocus

F5 Mini Nubian Buck


2019 MHMM Grand and Reserve Champion Jr Buck

Dam has milk star


Hocus, 16 months; courtesy of Kelsey Rose Photography

Green Gables SOF Atlas*B

F4 Mini Nubian Buck

Dam is Green Gables 2019 top milk producer

Excellent udders behind him; line bred on VCH Green Gables Spice of Freedom+B


Atlas, 5 months

Sonflower Ranch’s Guyliner

F7 Mini Nubian Buck

Blue eyes and polled, small stature

Sire is line bred on Laz-E-Acres Finley

Guy, 14 months; courtesy of Kelsey Rose photography

Goat Trails Pull the Trigger *B

F7 Mini Nubian Buck

Milk star, great udders/udder texture behind him

Polled, excellent conformation and breed character

Trigger, 4 months old; Kelsey Rose Photography

Stud Service

The bucks are available for driveway dates only. Your doe must have proof of current negative CAE/CL/Johne’s status. The cost is $50, and you may bring your doe for repeat breedings if she has difficulty conceiving. Buck slip is included in the price. Please contact us if you are interested in stud service.


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