Breeding Schedule 2021

***Our herd is disease-tested annually and G6S normal***

PRICING: Prices are set after the kids are born and evaluated. Bucks range from $350-$500, does range from $400-$600. This is a performance farm, meaning that our animals should produce higher-than-average milk yields and have great conformation. A lot of work goes into showing and milk testing, as well as keeping a herd healthy. Our prices reflect that. Pricing may be adjusted due to market needs or for the character of the goat. Milk stars and show wins command a higher price tag. An animal with breed character flaws (particularly higher generations) may be priced differently.  Wethered boys and any animal with serious breed defects (like an extra teat) will be sold unpapered at pet pricing ($150).

Per our Sales Policy , Size Matters Microranch reserves the right to retain any animal born on our property after kidding and before reservations are filled.

Size Matters Microranch is currently breeding for milk production, great udders, small size, beautiful conformation, and on-point breed character. Breeding for all these things is difficult (like genetic whack-a-mole). Color is not a priority, although we do expect some flashy kids. Some of our pairings have the potential to produce blue eyes, moonspots, and/or polled kids.

If we are planning to retain a doe kid from a pairing, there is a higher likelihood the dam will be for sale. Please fill out our Reservation Form if you would like to make a reservation.



Pearl x Trigger*B

Milk, udder attachments and conformation will come from this fun pairing. These kids will be F3, should be medium-sized and have improved breed character over the dam. They may also be polled and/or moonspotted. Trigger has a *B, and Pearl has strong potential to earn her *P with this first-freshening. Reservations available.

Brighid x Trigger*B

Kids should be F7, small stature, and well-balanced. Trigger should improve Brighid’s breed character and rump angle. Brighid’s dam is an 8-pound milker, so her potential is strong for a milk star. Trigger has his milk star and comes from soft, easy-to-milk udders. Kids may have moonspots, be polled, and/or have blue eyes. Doeling retained, reservations available.

Andi x Trigger*B

Kids will be F7; may be polled, moonspotted and/or blueeyed with exceptional breed character. Kids should be milking powerhouses, as Andi JUST missed her *P by 1 point this year as a first-freshener nursing a singleton. We will try again next year, and expect a star early in freshening. She’s also a hand-milkers dream, with long-straight teats and a wonderful texture – she milks ALL the way out. With all these attributes, a buckling and possibly doeling will be retained, but reservations are available.

Fiona*D*P x Trigger*B

In an ongoing attempt to fix Fiona’s stubborn ears, Trigger will be brought in for this year’s litter. He should also improve her teat size and placement. They are very similarly built, so I expect these F6 kids to be petite, level and wide; possibly moonspotted and/or polled. They will for sure be milky as Fiona is an 8 lb milker, and Trigger was born with his star. Reservations available, bucklings will have a *B.


Flurry 2*D 2*P x Atlas*B

Flurry is a beautiful Blackberry’s goat with a lovely soft udder. She took Reserve Grand Champion Sr doe in both rings at our 2021 MHMM show this year, and peaked at 8 lbs milking this year. Atlas will help her kids maintain a smaller size with great conformation, well-attached udders and soooo much milk. Kids will be F5, smaller stature, and should have moonspots. Bucklings will have *B, doeling retained, reservations available.

Wicca 2*D 2*P x Atlas*B

This is a repeat breeding as we were so pleased with the powerhouse singleton doeling these two produced this year. She went on to win Grand Champion in Ring 2 at our 2021 MHMM show! Wicca was on test this year and easily earned a star in both registries as a FF – producing 8.5 lbs at one month fresh! Wicca is now also a finished champion as she earned 2 more show legs this year. Atlas brings flawless udders and big milk as well. Kids should be milky and splashy/spotted with show-winning conformation and soft udders. We will likely be retaining from this litter, but ask about reservations if you are interested.

Pepper x Atlas*B

These F2 kids have the potential to have the best udders of the year. The udders behind Atlas are flawless, and Pepper has some of Urban Acres best nubians in her pedigree. Additionally, Atlas has a *B and Pepper has great potential to earn her milk star as a first-freshener. These kids should be well-balanced, medium-sized with excellent breed character, and may also have moonspots. Doeling retained; reservations available.



Gwen*P x Sunstone*S*B

Gwen is a great all-around doe with an easy-to-milk udder and really nice production (she peaked at 11.5 lbs this year) She has fantastic breed character and is very flat-boned and dairy. Breeding to Sunstone should solidify the width in her line while keeping height down. Kids will be F4, should be splashy/spotted and could be polled. Bucklings will have a *B. Doeling retained, reservations available.

Fort x Sunstone*S*B

These kids will be F4; may also be polled and/or moonspotted. They should be quite petite, but heavy milkers. Despite being a tiny FF, Fort had a respectable milk yield this year and should star early next year. Her teats are large with large orifices and she milks out all the way. Doeling retained, reservations available.


Stay tuned for plans including our 2021 kids!

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